Tips for choosing a headboard

The proper headboard in a bedroom is like a fireplace mantel in the living room, they both create a focal point. Any properly decorated room will provide a fabulous area for the eyes to come to rest. Choosing the right headboard for your room is suggested to draw positive energy inward to help with quality sleep. Not to mention, they just look great!

  • Creativity – For a real attention-grabber, stay clear of traditional flat panel headboards. There are incredibly unique and artistic pieces available today in wave, oval or many other shapes to bring a little creativity to the space.
  • Material – You will find that most headboards are made from wood or metal (two important Feng Shui elements) however, that doesn’t mean you have to over look wicker, bamboo, quilting or you can even make one with a large canvas covered with fabric.
  • Surroundings – Traditionally, the decor of your room is going to dictate the headboard you choose. Just because you love that contemporary black, curved headboard does not mean it will compliment your Victorian or country cottage room. Theme and color must both be taken into consideration.

Headboards provide you with a more secure feeling while you sleep, according to Taoist beliefs. It is also suggested to not hang or drop clothes from them as they are essentially pieces of art. After all, you wouldn’t hang a towel over a canvas in your living room would you?

  • Shannon

    I love a DIY headboard! I was on apartment therapy the other day and they had a sheet metal head board that had been beautifully cut! It made me want to destroy my current bed frame just so I could make this head board!

  • Shellie

    Me too!! I always get really crafty in the spring…I have an extra large canvas I’ve never quite finished…I’m thinking about covering it with fabric.

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  • Stiangel

    Thanks friend for your good tips for choosing a better interior.

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  • plumbing

    I find this article amusing. At home I barely notice my headboard, but after reading this blog I will surely follow your tips.

  • Shellie

    I think you will find that you probably don’t notice most things in your home until the idea is planted there. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  • Sarah

    I agree – a headboard is something I just take for granted, and not the focal point of the bedroom. Here it really makes a statement!