Thermochromic Windows Changes Color, Cools & Generates Electricity

Thermochromic window is exactly how it sounds. A window capable of changing color as it cools and generates electricity at the same time.

Colorful Perovskites: NREL Advances Thermochromic Window Technologies

Developed by the U.S. department of energy’s national renewable energy laboratory (NREL), this is advancement is designed to decrease energy consumption in spaces using thermochromic windows. The windows change color as they block glare and reduce heat from sun as the glass gets warm. Additionally, the color change creates a solar cell capable of generating power.

Scientists Discover Material Ideal for Smart Photovoltaic Windows

Of course, the visuals are nice too. Similar to a mood ring, which changes colors with your bodies heat, the window change to a myriad of colors depending on the temperatures activated by the sun. We have also seen this in eyewear, prescription glasses that turn to sunglasses as the sun hits it. What makes this technology different is that the solar power actually contributes to the reduction of energy consumption in the residence or building they are used in.

NREL develops thermochromic windows based on CNTs and perovskites |  Perovskite-Info

Perovskites embedded within the material generated electricity working at 95 to 115 degrees fahrenheit. It takes approximately 7 seconds for the color transformation to occur as it heats up.

Scientists are continuing to develop this technology as a more permanent solution to energy consumption with improved aesthetics.