The Valley Project Tasting Room in Funk Artistic Village

When visiting the Funk Artistic Village in Santa Barbara, California expect to find dozens of pubs and tasting rooms. One tasting room that stood out in particular was The Valley Project for it’s mid-century modern interior design and rustic contemporary style.

Upon entering tasting room, the sign outside it’s doors are simply shapes of the areas where the wine originates from. Once entering guests are created by a palette of neutral colors, mainly brown, white and black, with a few splashes of color from the wine itself.

A mixture of mid-century modern chairs including antique turquoise bastille chairs and molded plywood chairs surround the rustic wooden tables inside. Handmade games and reading materials designed for adults and children are laid out on the tables and upon the bookshelves.

Exposed piping and ceilings painted white gave the interior a warehouse vibe while the fixtures and furnishings expressed a contemporary and sophisticated ambiance. The environment is both casual and formal, laid-back and refined.

Approaching the bar, guests are presented with a menu of wines and tasting glasses which they can sample each wine upon request. After choosing their favorite they can mingle with other patrons or sit around one of the smaller tables enjoying their freshly poured glasses.

Tasting rooms are designed to introduce newly released wines or help fans explore their tastes from a particular local winery. They offer those living in the community and those visiting a chance to experience wine tasting in a chic, modern and warm atmosphere.