The Perfect Bar, Cafe & Restaurant Seating: Bastille Stools & Chairs are everywhere

Traveling from state-to-state, there hasn’t been one town or city visited yet that hasn’t had the infamous Bastille Chair or Stool gracing a bar, cafe or restaurant in the area.

Whether it be the traditional gun-metal finish or a quirky color like lemon yellow or vibrant red, this classic, mid-century modern staple is the star of interior design in the U.S. 

Austin, Texas

It makes sense considering it has versatile style that can fit into a variety of settings. The shape and build is contemporary and industrial but the choice in color can change where it best fits in – which can be anywhere from ultra-modern to pure industrial to mid-century modern. 

Nashville, TN

Additionally, Bastilles are made of galvanized steel, which is sturdy and durable, weather resistant, but most importantly lightweight as well. Their stacking feature is also a helpful accessory to their desirability in bars and restaurants. 

New Orleans, LA

The original Bastilles were designed by Xavier Pauchard who brought the galvanization process to France. They were originally called Tolix and they were first created in the 1930’s. 

Some of the places where this design can be spotted include a quirky, pop-culture wine bar in Bisbee, AZ, an upscale restaurant and bar in downtown Austin, TX, an iconic Nashville pub or a low-key cafe in New Orleans, LA, the Bastille is everywhere these days, making a big impact on contemporary and modern design.