The Only Piece of Advice You’ll Need About Your Sunroom

You have a lot to think about when installing a sunroom, especially if it is an extension that you’re adding to your home. What material are you going to use? Where are the windows going to go? How big should it be? But all of these question should come after you think about the most important aspect of your sunroom: the sun itself.

Of course, the name gives it away, but so many people get caught up in adding an extension to their home that they forget the purpose of the room in question. A sunroom is designed to give you that experience of being outdoors, bathed in sunlight, without having to leave your home.

So how do you achieve this sunny bliss? First of all, positioning: the room should be positioned to get the most sun possible. You know your property best, so find the sunniest spot year-round and try to maneuverer your sunroom there.

You also want to include plenty of windows to let that sunlight in. A good rule of thumb is including windows on three sides of the room, but you can choose two if that works for you. And it’s not necessary to have a glass ceiling in your sunroom to get great sun exposure, but of course it can’t hurt!

And finally, a big warning: no curtains! If you don’t install them, you won’t be tempted to pull them, and isn’t letting the sun in what a sunroom is all about? So just ditch the curtains and keep your sunroom simply sunny!