“The Mom Outfit” Women’s Fashion

Everyone has one but can you spot yours in a room? The many mom outfits that can define our moms and the different outfits as a mom you switch up daily. For the mom who plays many roles and expresses it in her fashion – I bring you the “mom outfit.”

Professional Mom

Straight leg jeans, blouse or collared shirt with a blazer on top and comfortable, casual formal flats.


Sporty Mom

Baseball cap with a ponytail poking out the back, comfortable sneakers, fitted t-shirt, a windbreaker, active wear or canvas jacket. Stretchy yoga pants or leggings, sporty slip-on sneakers,  a loosely fitted t-shirt, a fanny pack or backpack.

On-the-Move Mom

Loose fitted, high waist jeans with or without belt, tucked in solid color t-shirt with a cardigan, shawl or canvas jacket.

Forest Mom

A fitted t-shirt, zip-up hoodie underneath a flannel, corduroy pants or jeans, comfy and thick socks scrunched above hiking sneakers, hiking boots, duck boots or ankle length boots.

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Homemaker Mom

Knee length sundress, comfortable flats or sneakers.

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Cool Mom

Leather boots, t-shirt or tank top underneath a leather or jean jacket, dangling earrings, rings, bracelets – jewelry.

Fashion Forward Mom

Sometimes she follows the latest trends other times she combines styles or makes her own – this outfit is dynamic, unique and stands out.

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You know her when you see her – “The Mom Outfit” has many versions, many styles and you rarely find her without her favorite accessory – her little ones, of course!

Is there any Mom outfit we left out?