World’s First Graphene Jacket is the Perfect Fit for Nature Lovers, Adventure Seekers & Fitness Buffs

Described as “part jacket, part science experiment,” by designers and adventure gear brand, Vollebak, the world’s first Graphene Jacket is made from the lightest, strongest and most conductive material ever discovered.

The design isn’t entirely made of graphite or else it just wouldn’t hold up, the jacket is a blend of graphene nanoplatelets with polyurethane to create an incredibly thin membrane, which is then bonded to nylon.

Like wearing a weightless coat of armor or an advanced second layer of skin, the nylon and graphene combination does not add a single gram of weight.

Additionally, it conducts heat and energy to balance skin temperature. In doing so, it channels heat from the hottest parts of the body to the coldest parts.

world's first graphene jacket uses lightest, strongest, most conductive material

Plus, it increases strength in all abrasion and puncture tests, with tight atomic bonds impermeable to nearly all gases and liquids except water molecules, making it virtually impenetrable.

Naturally breathable, evaporating sweat with only the  polyurethane membrane offering waterproof qualities. This is a good thing as sweating is your bodies natural air conditioning system.

Aside from its high-tech properties, it’s also quite fashionable. Completely reversible, including the pockets and comes in a gunmetal gray color on one side and a matte black color on the other side.

Similar to graphite, the gunmetal gray, graphene side has a slight sheen to it giving it a retro nasa-space suit and post-futuristic style.

The Graphene Jacket is still in it’s testing phase for everyday wear and tear with only a group of wearers selected to give it a trial run. Once this phase is complete, the Graphene Jacket should be available for consumers everywhere.