Whitewash Finish vs. Sunwash Finish Furniture

Browsing around modern furniture sites to find the perfect finish for your dining room table or kitchen stool set, you might have come across some new finishes you’ve never seen before. Whitewash and Sunwash finishes are increasing in popularity for everyday interior design. However, they’ve always been coveted in rustic-contemporary, coastal, modern farmhouse and cottage country design. Both whitewash and sunwash finish look similar to the untrained eye, especially when buying online. So what is the difference between whitewash finish and sunwash finish?

modern sunwash finish dining table inmod.com
Sigrid Rectangular Sunwash Finish Dining Table
(note: the link reads “whitewash” but we checked – it is a sunwash finish)

Whitewash finish is the more well-known finish. Typically whitewash finish is a mixture of white paint and water. Sunwash finish, on the other hand, can be a mixture of light gray or taupe tannish paint and water.

whitewash finish furniture example before and after padstyle.com
Whitewash Finished Dining Table

The similarities of whitewash and sunwash finish are that both can be applied to stained or natural wood. They both reveal the grain pattern of the wood. They both can be used to create an antique or weathered appearance, but don’t always have to. In traditional wash finishes, it is a mixture of water and paint. Some washes are made using alternatives to water for different effects. The white paint used in whitewash and the paints used in sunwash can be in varying shades depending on who produces the furniture.

modern sunwash finish glass dining table inmod.com
Twilight Sunwash Glass Dining Table
(note: the link reads “whitewash” but we checked – it is a sunwash finish)

Sometimes it can be confusing for some who might have purchased a whitewash table from one store and a whitewash table from a different store. The shades might seem slightly off from each other. Not to worry though! Generally, they have the same type of look and you won’t have to shop at the same store or purchase from the same manufacturer to get the desired style. Also, don’t be confused between white paint, whitewash and sunwash. In fact, some have mistaken white furniture in general as whitewash furniture. If any paint or finish style is most closely related to whitewash, it is sunwash.

Both whitewash and sunwash furniture is room brightening and very appealing for those who want to lighten up their space. Its important to know the differences between them because sunwash furniture will most likely have a darker undertone compared to the lighter whitewash finish. Be sure to ask and review the furniture descriptions and features to make sure you are getting the right finish color for your home.