Most Useful Decor You Can Buy: “Nomadic Murals”

One of the most inexpensive, attractive, easy to carry and multipurpose pieces of decor you can own is a tapestry, here’s why:

Tapestries is an artistry known as textile. Tapestries come in a many different colors, patterns and styles. They are often made from cotton, wool or linen thread, but some fancy tapestries can be woven using gold or silk thread.

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Hang them in your home as wall art or as a room dividers.  Because of the tapestry weave and materials, it is able to withstand multiple environments, climates and weather conditions.

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Use a tapestry as a beach blanket, hang as a wind shield, drape as a sun protector or cover for warmth and to keep rain out.

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Tapestries come in varying sizes but no matter which size you buy, they are easy to fold up and pop right into a bag or backpack.

Tapestries also make excellent table cloths, decoration and drapery over furniture.

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I have a gorgeous sun tapestry I take everywhere with me. This tapestry has seen festivals, beaches, camping trips and the walls of two houses. Its been about 10 years since I’ve had it, it has some wear and tear but its holding up beautifully!

Who knew one of the least costly furnishings out there would also be one of the most versatile and long-lasting?!