“AT House” Mid Century Modern Advanced Technology & Concrete Design

Built on a peak seemingly rising up from the bedrock and overlooking Oaxtepec Valley, Mexico – the AT House designed by Laurent Herbiet, is the perfect example of the new wave of mid century modern architecture made of concrete with glass windows but with a twist.

Similar to traditional mid century modern design, the home features a flat roof, large, transparent panels and innovative technology. However, unlike traditional mid century design, where almost the entirety of the home is built to take in it’s surroundings, the AT house is made to face inward towards the pool and garden to avoid the neighboring street, creating a more private internal oasis.

Solar management and water conservation are key features of the home. The garden is created with locally sourced plants, succulents for low water landscaping and irrigation is done with recycled wastewater, with a biological secondary treatment, without chemical additives.

Made from a  clean, non-hydrocarbon releasing surface, the roof top is ideal for rainwater harvesting. The rainwater is collected using an advanced filtration system designed for reuse.

Light and air intake also played a vital role in the design. The facade facing south allows for a full-day solar irradiation for the pool intended to kill bacteria and for temperature control, vents located on all sides of the house for continuous air flow and natural air conditioning and a movable concrete wall that blocks direct sunlight into the house to help keep rooms cool.

The roof is slightly slanted to allow even more air circulation into the main rooms and glass door openings. The inside corridor features a light shaft on each end to allow natural light to illuminate the inside.

Made of cast concrete, wood and crystal, the look of the materials are kept in a raw and natural state. The masonry walls are recovered from the excavation and topped with foliage for privacy.

Clear glass paneled walls which double as doors and open towards the backyard create an extension of the interior blending the outer with the inner. The panels separated by slabs of pale gray concrete create a serene and peaceful retreat – a gorgeous representation of contemporary mid-century modern architecture.