The Absence of Sound

Redesigning a room in the house or maybe a recording studio? Microsoft may have just solved the search with the newest innovative design.

– – In the designing of a room, normally the things focused upon are the overall aesthetic including decor, specialty and lighting. Specifically with recording studios, acoustics of the room including how sound travels throughout it become a major factor. In this case, the creation of the design was entirely the opposite and less about these properties. If you’re interested in making your room more soundproof, check out Soundproof Panda to find out how.

Microsoft has created a room to capture the absence of sound. This room is claimed to be the quietest room in the world. Recently inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records

Microsoft Sourced Photo

Microsoft shaped the walls and flooring geometrically to act as a powerful sound absorption catalyst.

Microsoft Sourced Photo

This In-between gap between the room and the outside world is used to negate any potentiality for sound to slip through. A portage to the soundless world!

The quietest sound theorized by Robert Brown in 1827 is called the Brownian Motion which is equivalent to 23 decibels of sound. Microsoft’s Anechoic Chamber is equivalent to 20 decibels of sound. Holding the record for lowest recording of a sound and is the best place for sound testing of any kind in the world.

Microsoft Sourced Photo

Microsoft will study the sound within the absence of sound, deepening the science of sound and design of rooms like this in the future. For those searching for the optimal recording space or maybe even a sensory deprived room for meditation, taking a few pointers from Microsoft’s An-echoic masterpiece may be a good place to start.