Subtle Accents: Furniture Leg Designs You Might Have Overlooked

When purchasing new furniture, many shoppers pay close attention to color, style, upholstery and finish. Sometimes the actual legs of the furniture design goes overlooked. The leg and base of a furniture design is a key component in it’s overall style.

Take a look at the difference between (left) straight 4-legged base design vs. (right) splayed 4-legged base design.

comparison photo straight legs versus angled splayed legs
Straight 4 Leg Base vs. Splayed 4 Leg Base

It makes a noticeable difference, doesn’t it? Not only does it increase the legroom underneath of the table, it also has more visual dynamism. The straight leg design on the left appears rigid and slightly dull by comparison. Whereas, the tapered leg design on the right appears elegant and more sophisticated.

Now that you can see the difference leg design makes in furniture aesthetics and functionality, check out these unique leg designs you may have overlooked.

Metallic Tipped Legs

metallic tip leg design velvet sofa
Everly Velvet Sofa Metallic Tip Leg Design

The subtle hint of shine on metallic tipped furniture legs attracts light towards the bottom of it. This brings the viewers gaze from the top to the bottom of the furnishing. An appreciation for the entirety of the design, not only the style of the seat.

Reverse Hourglass Legs

reverse hourglass legs velvet sofa padstyle
Brielle Sofa Reverse Hourglass Metallic Tip Leg Design

This elegant reverse hourglass or upside down bottle shaped furniture leg design is unusual and attractive. It adds fluidity to the design to an otherwise rigid form. This design touches on more contemporary concepts seen in newer furniture models.

Metal Bracket Legs

metal bracket legs velvet sofa
Ashley Velvet Sofa Metal Bracket Leg Deign

This opulent metal bracket furniture leg design attracts even more light to its base. Its shape reinforces its supportive nature. It creates a sleek and contemporary ambience bordering on glamourous without becoming too ostentatious.

Block Base

block wood base velvet sofa
Brody Velvet Sofa Block Base Design

This full-bodied block base furniture base design is a solid form extending nearly the entire length of the furnishing. It provides incredible strength and support. Visually, block bases become one with the top with a practically seamless continuity between top and bottom.

These are only several of the many leg designs fallen through the cracks of buyers eyes when perusing for new furniture. Don’t skip the importance of your foundation. Design from the ground up!