Stylish Bamboo For Home Decor

Bamboo is a versatile plant that is strong, hollow and attractive. It can be used to create many different aesthetically pleasing decorations for your home.

Majority of bamboo grows in areas like china but many homes in the US also have backyards where bamboo grows. The natural color and markings on bamboo gives it a rustic and one-of-kind look to it.

In my home I have this beautiful black vase with red, tan and brown geometric patterns on it. A friend of mine had bamboo growing wildly in his backyard.

We decided to cut off 5 pieces about a little longer than the size of a walking cane (all the same size) and we put a clear glaze over top of them. Then, we used rope we purchased at our local craft store and twisted it around the individual bamboo sticks. We placed them in the vase and voila! We created a beautiful and unique decoration that fit nicely with my living room decor.

You can create a variety of interesting pieces like this for your home, bamboo serves as a great starting point in the do-it-yourself home decoration experience.