Style considerations for bathroom designs

In most homes, bathrooms are relatively small so creating a whole new look can often be done with minimal changes. Unless of course, you want to gut the room and start over fresh, this is fine too! The trick is to basically decide on a theme and color palette and carry it out throughout the whole room.

Creating a coherent look consists of using the rule of three as your guide. This means you need to repeat every major color three times. Bathrooms are spaces you can really have fun with but you still need to employ a few practical points.

  • Safety – Style should never come before safety. Step up tubs must have handrails, floors should be slip-resistant, etc.
  • Look into the Future – If you’re spending a substantial amount of money, you want to make sure that this is what you’ll still want in the future. If you have to put off the remodel for a month to make sure you still feel the same away about your choices, so be it.
  • Simplicity – Too many things in a small space look very cluttered. If you have a large room, you can add more items but small rooms should be simple with a place for everything.
  • Quality – Just because it’s the bathroom doesn’t mean it shouldn’t receive the same consideration as other rooms in your home when it comes to buying quality products.

Many people jump into a bathroom remodel spontaneously. This is a room that is entitled to as much thought as any other area in your home. When in doubt, wait and see if your theme and color palette are still appealing to you down the road.