Space-Saving Home Office

If you’re low on space but need a home office, there are several ways to make it fit into your home without sacrificing style. You can create a hidden home office with a few simple tricks and a bit of creativity.

For starters, the desk. This is often the largest part of a home office, which is great if you’ve got room to spare. But for those of us who need to save space, a large executive desk is a pain. So how do you fit the desk into a small home office?

You can try affixing a board with two fold out legs to your wall. Using hinges, you will be able to fold up the desk when not in use to give the appearance of more space.

Or, you can use a small student desk on wheels. This will allow you to push it against the wall when you’re not using it, and pull it out in front of a window when you need to work.

Painting your office white will also give the illusion of space. White reflects light, so light from a window or lamp will seem all the more bright and fill the room.

And instead of buying that bulky, thick shelving unit, you might want to consider affixing shelves to the wall. This way you can go floor to ceiling – increasing your storage capacity, always a good thing in a small space – and you won’t have an overly large back or side to deal with, only the shelves.

When creating space within your home office, also look into wireless internet to help with the tackiness of cluttered cords or wires.