Spa bathroom finishing touches

It is interesting how many people devote a substantial amount of time and money into creating the perfect spa setting in their bathroom and then fall short on the simplest accessories. If you still have a generic chrome toothbrush holder screwed to your wall or if your soap is just sitting on the edge of your sink, you understand!

The stoneware bath accessories available from West Elm are the perfect compliment to any spa theme. The pieces are hand carved in India by stone artisans and the natural finish offers a clean, simplistic, earthy style. They are made from mint soapstone and the best thing about them is not only do they clean up easy, they are priced quite moderately. The prices rang from $10 to $19 and since they are all sold separately, you only have to buy what you need.

Think your soap dish isn’t important? Think again! When you have guests over, the bathroom is the one room where you can’t actually see their reaction to the decor. The small accents like this will allow you to feel confident that they most certainly are getting noticed. Not to mention, stone cleans off so much easier than plastic so soap scum doesn’t become an unattractive distraction! Take the time to put the finishing touches on your personal spa!