Southwestern Style Black on Black Pottery

Black on black pottery is a Native American style of pottery primarily found in the Southwest in places like New Mexico created by the Pueblo tribes located in the region.

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The zig-zag and spiral patterns as well as the animal, floral and nature-oriented designs on the pottery are similar to the designs found on the terracotta and red clay pottery made in South America.

The pottery is made using a combination of two different clays mined by the natives, they are mixed together, hand-shaped and hand-carved.

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Using an hand-built outdoor kiln, the pottery is placed in a metal wire basket then immersed in a fire.

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They wait until the pottery turns a vibrant, bright red color before they smother it in soil and manure. The pots remain smoldering beneath until the fire subsides and the pottery cools down.

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Then, they remove the basket and reveal the richly black pottery gleaming like glossy obsidian igneous rock with the carved designs in a lighter charcoal color or the reverse, with the designs in a dark luster and the pottery in a soft, matte black.

The design is confined to the mid-body and consists of rectangular panels, each of which contains a unique design.

This type of pottery is a contemporary take on a traditional native american style able to adorn many different style homes from southwestern to modern.