Innovations in Transportation with the Snoozeliner

The snoozerliner is an luxurious night bus designed for late night commuters in London, England complete with fitted memory foams in individual sleep compartments and sleep inducing aromatherapeutic scents.

Snoozeliner Bus designed to help UK commuters get more sleep on their way back from work

The project was created by Simba, a high technology sleep brand that sought the need for a more blissful commute for those riding public transportation on late work nights.

The Snoozeliner itself is made by Andersson-wood Architects, who designed the 12 – 14 innovative sleep pods with storage for passengers belongings, relief from sound using noise canceling headphones, acoustic black-out blinds, a recessed amber light-therapy system and a selection of soothing scent infusions of their choice.

12 – 14 individual innovative sleep pods with aromatherapy, noise canceling treatments and black-out blinds

Each guest is attended by stewards who will wake each passenger before their destination. The buses are to be released in Autumn 2018 along eight different routes across four UK cities.

Snoozeliner will have stewards to wake passengers before they arrive at their destination

After research conducted, it is believed that passengers doze off frequently on public transportation and are most sleep deprived in the month of December. This could be impart due to the colder weather and the time of year where larger holidays require more time spent in the office or more time spent completing additional tasks and responsibilities than usually performed.

Either way, the purpose of the design is to help sleep-deprived commuters catch some shut eye on their voyage home after a busy day on the job.