Small Nomadic Homes with an Emphasis on the Outdoors

A collaboration between Coco-mat, the Athens based all natural mattress brand and Cocoon modules, the container architecture start-up, have designed a modular and an eco-friendly prototype of a modern dwelling which on the exterior look like a cargo container.  The prototype design structure was built on Coco-mat’s headquarters in Kifissia, a suburb of Athens, Greece and can be visited by the public.

Some of the environmentally friendly elements of the prototype include significant advantages such as having manufacturing up to 50% lower in cost compared to a conventional construction, ‘smart’ low technology systems for day-to-day needs, and all natural sustainable sourced furniture design. The prototype has also been designed to maximize comfort, with brightly lit social areas providing views to the surrounding garden. The private sleeping quarters feature coco-mat‘s high quality mattresses.

“Our modules are more than 15% cheaper than the prefabricated construction in Greece and 30% cheaper than the traditional,” explains the design team at Cocoon Modules. “They can be built within weeks in designated industrial spaces and can then be transported and placed on site. By using the modularity of the container we create ergonomic spaces of great design that can be expanded as Legos do.”