Simple Tips Autumn Decor for Fall Transform Your Home for the Season

September starts the transition from the sunny days of summer into the chilly days of autumn. The bright color palette and festive decor of summer can take a backseat as we transition our home into more neutral and subdued colors and decor. We don’t have to spend a fortune to change the interior design to autumn either! Here are a few tips and tricks to get your home fall inspiration ready for the season.

Sofa, Lounge Chair and Pillow Covers

Decorative "Pumpkin Spice" Autumn Throw Pillow Cover Case 18x18 inch padstyle

You don’t have to buy new accent pillows or an entirely new sofa to turn them around for fall. Try purchasing covers to place over your furniture and pillows in neutral shades like taupe, cream, tan and dusty yellow. Even dark purple and wine burgundy will bring the fall spirit in your home!

Bronze and Gold Spray Painted Glass Jars with Lights

5 Painted mason jars. Bronze, rose gold, and copper, silver, yellow gold.  padstyle

Have any glass jars or empty wine bottles lying around? Pick up some fall friendly spray paints at your local hardware store in metallic colors, like bronze, brass and gold. Easily spray paint the jars in these autumn colors. Add tea lights or led lights inside of them for that early sunset fall feeling.

Dried Flowers and Foliage Centerpieces

Dried flowers, Dried  flower arrangements, Flower arrangements padstyle

You don’t even have to purchase these items, if you live in an area where natural foliage is found. Just step outside your door and collect dried twigs, fallen leaves and other materials. Spray them with hairspray to preserve them. Then tastefully assemble your pickings in a vase or in a decorative bowl.

Tablecloth Swap

Crisp Autumn Air Holiday Tablescape - LinenTablecloth

Transforming your dining room into autumn can be as simple as changing the tablecloth! Replace the summertime bright yellow or vibrant turquoise blue with something more subdued. Try a light brown, dusty tan or mixed berry magenta.

Simple Wall Art Swap

Red Autumn Leaves In Fuji Multi wall art padstyle

Similar to swapping out your dining room tablecloth, you can easily swap out a main piece of wall art in your foyer, living room or hallway with another fall festive one. Try a piece that reflects the spirit of fall, such as a tree with fallen leaves, a wilting flower or an intricate forest scene.

Transforming your homes interior design to evoke the quiet calm that comes with the season of autumn is simple. Try these quick and easy tips to bring your home to the next level.