Showcase Collectibles in Artistic Cases

I’ve seen so many wonderful collections from old mint condition toys to vibrant gemstones and rock specimens to military relics and worldly artifacts yet one thing I’ve noticed is how and where these prized treasures are displayed.

It baffles me to witness these prized possessions placed in the corner of rooms or worse getting dusty in the basement or attic! They should be viewed the same way you would witness them in a museum.

There are beautiful, chic and modern display cases and bookshelves that can serve as wonderful alternatives to showcase your collections and will blend nicely with the rest of your living spaces decor.

5 beautiful examples include:

1. The 25 Cubby Wave Mid Century / Modern Bookcase 

2. The Monument Bookshelf

3. The Askel Tall Wall Shelf

4. The Wastewood Large Shelf

5. The Modrest Maze Modern Bookcase

These gorgeous shelving units and bookcases look more like Art Deco pieces then home furnishings and can serve as the perfect space to display all of your favorite valuables!