Scandinavian Hygge, Swedish Lagom & Dutch Niksen Lifestyle

We can learn a lot from the 3 areas of the world where remarkable design, renowned architecture and endless joy flourish. Scandinavia, Sweden and the Netherlands each have a word to describe concepts applied to a way of life that embraces comfort, moderation and mindfulness.

danish scandinavian hygge lifestyle
Embrace the Scandinavian Hygge Lifestyle

In Scandinavian countries, there is word called “hygge,” and it represents a feeling of coziness and comfort. This heart-warming concept is rooted in ancient Norse. It can be traced back to the word “Hugga,” meaning comfort and console. The Danish hygge lifestyle is all about cozy small spaces with creature comforts like being wrapped up in a soft wool blanket after a delicious, belly-filling meal.

Next, there is the Swedish concept of “lagom.” “Lagom” is best described as a balanced, minimalist way of life. Moderation is used as a direction towards achieving it. Everything in its right place. Not too much and not too little. Think Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

swedish lagom lifestyle
Embrace the Swedish Lagom Lifestyle

Finally, there is the Dutch concept of “Niksen.” “Niksen” is the art of doing nothing and being perfectly content with doing nothing. Allowing your mind and your body to relax. This concept embraces a senses driven, less busy and less action-oriented mindset for certain periods of time in order to clear the mind. It isn’t necessarily meant for achieving new ideas, however, clearing the mind can allow space for new ideas to cultivate in.

dutch niksen lifestyle
Embrace the Dutch Niksen Lifestyle

When you combine all 3, it comes as no surprise why these 3 regions of the world are considered to be pioneers of invention, innovation and serene living. It also makes way for the reason why certain styles of interior design, furniture, decor and many other household comforts were conceived from these places.

Now imagine yourself relaxing on your favorite comfy lounge chair with a warm cup of chamomile tea in hand. The weather outdoors is briskly cold, but you are warm and cozy seated in front of your fireplace. You observe the dancing flames and listen to the sounds of the crackling cedar wood. Its earthy aroma fills the space around you. You feel completely at ease. No thoughts fill your mind. You simply feel the heart-warming sensations of peace and serenity inside and outside of you. This perfect moment is the combination of hygge, lagom and niksen lifestyle.

Give it a try, you may never want to leave the house again!