Rhythmic Patterning Modern Art Installation

In the South Korean city, Gwangju, the art installation “View Folly” sits atop a building by Seoul-based architect Moon Hoon. It is built in collaboration with the art installation “Architecture of Autonomy’ by Berlin-based group Realities: United. “Architecture of Autonomy” occupies the interior space of the building while the extension of it “View Folly” can be explored through the roof access.

“View Folly” is designed like an optical illusion. Using a zig-zag pattern, diagonal lines and a striped bi-color theme. The coexistence of the two installations is symbolic of the relationship between facade and space. Creatively representing those two main aspects of architectural design.

The city, Gwangju, is defined by the idea of change with “View Folly” as a perfect manifestation of this concept. Vibrant, contrasting colors and rhythmic, directional patterning elevated on a stepped podium surfaced in wood. The gentle glow of the city lights illuminate the disoriented structure at night.

“View Folly” extends it’s design into the interior underneath through the color patterns of the staircase below. Creating a new visual identity and unification between the two installations.

Visitors experience the facade of “Architecture of Autonomy,” within the building finding themselves intrigued to climb to the remote site atop. The attraction serves as an experiential aspect of the whole.

Through the interactivity of the structure, “View Folly” serves as inspiration for the individual through immersion as visitors explore within and contemplate the design closely.