Retro-Inspired Portable Beach Grill

Vintage vibes at the beach are all the rage. From full body bathing suits to retro striped umbrellas, the laidback 1950s summer at Coney island Beach is coming back in style. The Mon Oncle is a portable beach grill riding the classic wave. It is a retro version of a portable barbeque grill. When closed, it resembles a small and easy to carry briefcase. When open, it serves a portable, durable and stylish grill.

mon oncle new retro vintage portable beach grill
Mon Oncle Retro Portable Beach Grill

Its closure is similar to a traditional picnic basket and its perforated bottom resembles an old-timey radio. These airholes serve as visual aesthetic, increased airflow and prevent overheating. Its pastel blue color and brown straps create a uniquely classic appearance. It is also simple to dismantle, clean and store.

Lugging around bulky portable grills makes grilling on the beach and barbecuing at your favorite campsite a burdensome chore. Now you can bring your cookout with you anywhere.