Remarkable Four Poster & Canopy Beds

Four poster and canopy beds add space to the bedroom by either enclosing the bed in a fine canopy of fabric while the four posts take the bed to new heights.

This creates a mirror like effect with just as much happening below as happening above. Your eyes are immediately drawn to it making your luxurious bed its own outstanding piece and often times the main focus in the sleeping quarters – as it rightfully should.

There are many different variations on four poster and canopy beds – from an old English manor home from the Elizabethan era to a modern new york city loft in present day – there is a canopy bed for every style.

Contemporary Four Poster Bed – Minimal, wooden four posted bed frame with one piece of white fabric loosely placed overhead

Arched Four Poster Bed – wooden posts come to a peak on both ends creating a spade-like shape with white fabric woven around the post at the end of the bed

Modern Minimal Four Poster Bed – the wooden posts create a box like structure framing the bed in a transparent enclosure

French Elegance Four Poster Canopy Bed – the contrasting brown frame with the cream colored canopy that softly drapes down in a pleated texture while a solid rectangular awning aligns the top inner edge

Old English Style Four Poster Canopy Bed – Ruffled awning with drapery hanging from both sides at the head of the bed in a brightly colored and floral patterned design that matches perfect with the bedspread. Ornate wooden frame and headrest.

Traditional Style Four Poster Bed – a light wooden frame with a solid overhead and boldly colored deep red drapes that match the comforter and are capable of being open and closed from both sides

Summer Chic Four Poster Bed – minimal and lightly colored, the frame features a light wood with two sheer white linens draping elegantly over it

Rustic Chic Four Poster Bed – natural wood grains and markings in the solid wood frame which is cut into a rugged shape with thick white linens hanging from the sides of the posts