Put Pieces of You into Your Interior Design – What do YOU like?

Add a little touch of yourself in any expression you do…what does that mean? it means be YOURSELF! What is yourself? You tell me! Yourself is whatever you want it to be – part of what myself is a combination of all the things that make me feel good when I remember them or when I am around them so decorating my interior space in that way will only add to my peacefulness.

For starters, i really enjoy the look and feel of vibrant colors, lights in different colors, interesting art pieces and coziness especially soft, furry and cushy objects – so creating my space with a slice of what i love turns my space into a sacred place.

It’s totally okay to follow the latest trends and mainstream flow, in fact, you are a big part of that flow, however, if you add a pinch of your original spice to the mix it can turn your house into a home where you and every guest that enters will feel comfortable, peaceful and get to know you and themselves a little bit better.

What are the things that make you feel peaceful? Is it the sunset? Is it the sunrise? Is it music? what kind of music? do you enjoy cooking? maybe you enjoy EATING! what sort of foods do you enjoy cooking or eating?

Sit quietly with yourself or write a list and as you write how does it feel to say a loud what you like? Is it your interest or is it solely another persons? If you reflect on the list you create whether on paper, a loud or in your mind and it feels good – you will know the feeling when it comes –  throughout you, internally and all around you – that is peace – take that and expand on it in your design.

and remember…always check back in with yourself, sometimes you want to alter, change or recreate your design –  make it a combo, a recreation and don’t be afraid to change it up and explore whenever you are ready to!