Practice Brush Stroke Techniques For Calligraphy Using Buddha Boards

Calligraphy is an ancient practice that uses brush stroke techniques to turn writing into a visual art form then simply a form of communication.

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Buddha Board uses only water and a brush to create black strokes that disappear once the water evaporates (no ink or paint required)

Today, we see how this practice has transformed into typography, logo and font design. Some of the most talented and influential graphic designers and multimedia producers are also visual artists who trained their hand and eye coordination in collaboration with their imagination to create inspiring and clever works of art.

antique calligraphy set

Traditionally, calligraphy requires specific pens and brushes with different tips to create strokes that vary in size, shape and thickness.  Specific styles for particular countries and cultures has developed overtime and can be mimicked.

Old English style calligraphy

Whether you are eager to learn other styles or develop your own, an invention that has been out on the market for a few years that is helpful in practicing brush stroke technique are called Buddha Boards. Buddha Boards are designed for both the aspiring and well seasoned calligrapher to practice their hand while incorporating the eastern philosopher of impermanence and of “letting go.”


Ink eventually evaporates creating a clean slate for you to work on – great learning tool for brush stroke technique and teaching the basic principle of impermanence

Buddha boards typically come with a brush but you can use other brushes on it as well. You simply dip the brush in water and black strokes form on the surface of the board, no ink or paint required. Of course, the designs disappear as the water evaporates, but this is the point of its genius.