Polyurethane Furniture?

If you are not familiar with the fast-forward, fun and stylish designs of Giovannetti, you are certainly in for a treat! Whether you’re looking for a colorful table and chairs, contemporary couch or an artistic chair, you will find something beyond tempting from this designer.

Giovannetti feels that when it comes to furniture, traditional material, fabrics and color choices can often be so boring and predictable. The artistic adventure and pure creativity for life is what inspires every piece, including this table and chairs pictured above, made from polyurethane. Makes you think of ice-cream scoops, doesn’t it?

Every piece features a gas piston which allows you take the set from a low dining room table to a tall pub-style variety, perfect for gathering around while entertaining. The bases are made from steel chrome to create a surprisingly durable and stable piece of furniture, even at their maximum height. If you look closely, you will also see a shelf/cubbyhole under each seat which is ideal for your guests who never quite know what to do with their purses.

The Giovannetti collection represents the vitality and energy that this 40-year old company has come to be so well known for. Their motto? Made with love! Visit the Giovannetti website to see for yourself why people literally fall in love with this collection. These are pieces that may just inspire an entire new remodel.

  • Zsa Zsa

    Well hello gorgeous! You’re right, they make me think of ice cream scoops. 🙂 Giovannetti products are so stylish and so adorable!

  • Shellie

    They’re delicious, right? I don’t even really eat ice-cream and I suddenly had an urge! I just LOVE the Giovannetti collection!

  • Zsa Zsa

    Yes yes! I spent a lot of time oogling their products! I have a weakness for pretty and unique chairs. haha

  • All About Rental

    This modern furniture will definitely replace the
    traditional one. As it’s bases are made from steel chrome so it can be placed
    anywhere in room.

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