Play with your fire!

Nearly everyone is well aware of the many benefits provide by a dancing flame. The warmth of a fire is comforting on a cold day and the visual beauty and crackling sound creates ambiance unlike anything else. Anyone, can have a fireplace, why not make yours extraordinary?

While you may assume the concept of a hanging fireplace is relatively new thanks to contemporary designers, it’s not! In fact, the Gyrofocus that is featured was created by the Focus company in 1968, that’s long before these unique, functional pieces of art became so desirable.

The Gyrofocus is an international classic and is now the brand’s symbol. Although Focus creates an entire collection of these stunning pieces, the Gyrofocus remains a popular choice, even through all of these years. The fireplace is made from thick, exquisite-looking steel and the entire piece rotates a full 360 degrees so you can direct heat to any area of the room.

About Focus

Dominique Imbert crafted his first fireplace for personal use all those years ago in a small studio. The brand Focus is derived from the Latin word meaning hearth. In 1972, only two of his fireplaces were sold but today, this international business has orders for at least 3,500 of these spectacular fireplaces every year.

Not every room is suitable for the Gyrofocus. You need a large space, a tall ceiling and a strong beam as it weighs 213 pounds. If you have more space than you know what to do with and you can’t seem to create a focal point without it getting lost, the Gyrofocus will do the trick! You can view the entire Focus collection at  The Good House.