Tyger Tyger : Chic & Contemporary Cafe in Santa Barbara, CA

Tyger Tyger is a chic little cafe nestled in the Funk Zone Artistic Village of Santa Barbara, CA created by Erika Carter, Sherry Villanueva and David Dart.

Visitors eyes are immediately attracted to the bright pink and orb-shaped chinese lanterns neatly covering the outside awning, outdoor patio and ceiling.  Like dining inside of a beautifully packaged gift box, the ceilings are adorned with repetitive floral patterns and vibrant, eye-catching colors.

Ash wood fixtures and furnishings combined with metallic accents such as brass and brushed silver bring a cozy and bright feel with touches of femininity. The atmosphere is homely but cosmopolitan simultaneously.

Catch glimpses of fresh yellow lilies and handmade candles and potpourri adorning the hand-painted white, wooden walls. Pedestal metallic based tables with confetti mosaic table tops.

Other decor includes natural woven baskets, gourmet goodies & treats, rice paper umbrellas and essential oil scented candles.

Tyger Tyger collaborates with Dart Coffee with an exposed coffee roaster that blends seamlessly with the interior motif of the cafe.