Choosing the right skylights

If you have decided that your home could use some skylights, be prepared to make some pretty big decisions. The main purpose of these strategically placed windows is to provide natural light which can also amount to some additional heat. This could be beneficial in the cold months but a disaster in the summer unless you add some type of shading.

Skylights have come a very long way through the years. Today they are available in several designs and from different materials. The main types are fixed, ventilating and tubular with all varieties having the option to be modified to include shades, screens, tinting and thermal insulated glass.

  • Fixed Skylights – The sole purpose of these skylights is to provide natural light. They are ideal not only for your primary living space but for attics and workshops where extra illumination could be appreciated.
  • Ventilating Skylights – These types of skylights provide light as well as ventilation. When they are open, they create an updraft which freshens the air in the home. These can usually be operated with a wall switch or remote control.
  • Tubular Skylights – This is the newest variety of skylights that is quickly becoming very popular. They’re small in size, average about two feet across and are ideal for smaller spaces. Some have baffles which direct the light out through the tube so even though they’re not as large as traditional ones, they still provide an abundance of light.

Skylights aren’t like painting your wall where if you don’t like the color you can just redo it. This is a fairly detailed install so take the time to research styles and make sure that you will love the ones that you choose.