Phantom Furniture: Translucent & Acrylic

Translucent and acrylic furniture sometimes called “ghost” furniture adds a uniquely modern style and more space to your rooms layout because you can see right through it.

phantom stacking chair
Phantom Stacking Chair in Translucent Smoke

The Phantom Stacking Chair
The Phantom Stacking Chair in Assorted Colors

The Starla Chair
The Starla Chair in Translucent Orange


The Stylus Dining Chair
The Stylus Chair in Transparent White

The Kubikoff Collection Angel Armchair
The Angel Armchair in Translucent Clear w/ Assorted Color Seat Cushions

The Gel-SL Chair
The Gel-SL Chair in Transparent Green

The Delilah Stacking Chair
The Delilah Chair in Transparent Red


Acrylic furniture and translucent chairs look beautiful practically everywhere and maintain their pristine appearance for years.  Whether placed in dining rooms, offices, bedrooms or patio furniture – most can be used both indoors and outdoors because of their durable and resilient material.

The Phantom Stacking Armchair
Phantom Stacking Armchair in Assorted Colors
Phantom Stacking Armchair in Translucent Smoke

The Pizzaro Dining Chair
The Pizzaro Dining Chair w/ Clear Acrylic Legs
The Pizarro Dining Chair with Transparent Acrylic Legs


The Bubble Chair
The Bubble Chair in Clear and Translucent Red
The Bubble Chair in Translucent Clear

The beauty of it’s design is it’s liquid like appearance popping out like a phantom blending in seamlessly with the decor of any room. Whether in bright colors or completely clear, it’s glossy sheen reflects light adding luster while it’s translucency brings an airiness to the space distinctly unique to this type of furniture.