Perspective Carpets Make 2D Design a 3D Experience

The “Prospettive Fantastiche” or Fantastic Prospective” Capsule Collection by MM Company features 4 unique rugs with 4 unique names, Arcadia, Volumia, Elisia and Triplia.

geometric rugs

The flat 2D rugs feature individual 3D-like shapes to form a colorful geometric collage. Although, they are not 3D in the sense of the shapes viewed from 360 degrees, they were designed using perspective projections. The designs emphasis vanishing points combined with senses of depth by compiling various heights. The closer to the center the shorter the pile gets. Resembling a similarity to the works of famous artist MC Escher.

living space

The story behind the designs is short and sweet too. The inspiration for them were taken from an unnamed architect’s sketches while on a clearly very special phone call. This is the reason many of the photos show a rotary telephone staged next to the area rugs.

living space

The color palettes for each rug are subtle, muted with pops of bold color throughout them. The rugs appear like a combination of the classic kids game, COLORFORMS, and the styling of comic book art and the works created during the pop-art movement of the late 1950s.

geometric rug detail

Each rug is hand-knotted by Indian artisans using a very specific crafting technique with New Zealand wool and silk, until making their way to the Matteo Pala showroom in Venice, Italy.