Paint on a Chalkboard!

Have you ever had one of those unfortunate days where you abruptly discover that coloring books and scrap paper suddenly weren’t good enough for your children so they moved onto your walls? There is just something about a wall that makes such a better coloring station! Well, did you know that you can paint a chalkboard on a wall? It’s a super easy do-it-yourself project that your kids will love and you will never have to worry about wasted paper (or your walls) again!

Things You Will Need

Grab all of your supplies before you start. You’ll need chalkboard paint, paint roller or brush, painter’s tape, paint pan, sandpaper, drywall spackle and it doesn’t hurt to have a drop cloth handy too!

  • Prep – Clean the wall with soap and water. Fill any holes with the spackle and then sand them to a smooth surface.
  • Tape – Measure and mark the designated area, whether it’s the whole bottom half of a wall or a smaller section and tape it off, making sure that your lines are level.
  • Paint – Most chalkboard paint labels will recommend two coats, allowing sufficient drying time in between. The chalkboard should be permitted to dry completely for 72 hours before using it.

Chalkboards aren’t just for a kids room either! Paint a small one in your kitchen for everyone to leave messages so Post-it notes aren’t scattered everywhere or paint one in your home office to keep track of appointments.