Origins: Wallpaper

The decor of a home or business has always been a priority amongst civilization and also a widely accrued business itself. Today we take a closer look at wallpaper decor and how exactly the popularity of such artistry came to be. Remember, if you are looking for wallpaper inspiration, the best way to find beautiful designs is to look around online at sites like Dixie Paint & Wallpaper to find out what styles take your fancy.

In 1785, Christophe-Phillipe OberKampf created the first machine to print colored tones onto pieces of wallpaper. In 1799, Louis-Nicholas Robert released his rendition, furthering the advancements of wallpaper production with his machines ability to print continuous sheets of wallpaper.

In the late 17th century China implemented the collaboration of fine art with wallpaper. China’s wallpaper was hand painted and very expensive. This was mostly sought after by wealthy and royal establishments. The adornments of such arts can be found in Nymphenburg Palace in Munich Germany, Lazienki Palace in Warsaw Poland and Broughton Castle in Oxfordshire England to this day.

The Napoleonic wars caused cease in the trade of wallpapers due to the restrictions of trade between Europe and Britain. When the war ended, a demand of this craft was at a new forefront.

In 1813, Fredrich Koenig, invented the first steam powered printing press. With the high-demand of wallpapers after the Napoleonic Wars, the steam powered printing press allowed for mass production of wallpapers, in that, allowing for cheaper wallpapers. This gave those with less financial status the ability to afford and adopt wallpaper as an essential household decor.

In present day Massachusetts, USA, MIT Media Lab has created an innovative revitalization of the common wallpaper. MIT Media lab has created LED Wallpaper. LED wallpaper is completely programmable from computable sources creating a widely interactive experience to whatever rooms are adorned with these new technologies.

I wonder what will come next in wallpaper as we reach new frontiers of technology!

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