“Morbid Fascination” Occult & Esoteric in Gucci Fashion During Milan Fashion Week

Strange and interesting accessories in the Gucci fall / winter show in Milan complete with severed heads and baby dragons. The show was a theme based around post humanism and hybridization.

It featured a mashup of futurism and fantasy with occult and esoteric symbols with some models as cyborgs and others wearing horns on their skulls and third eyes on their foreheads.

The clothing of course, in Gucci signature style, was embroidered with bold designs and a myriad of eye-catching clashing prints and patterns that draw your eyes to each piece of clothing individually while seeing it worn as a complete outfit.

The severed heads were one of the most attention grabbing accessories as models carried extremely life-like severed heads that looked identical to their own – an accurate replica. The severed heads sported a slight expression that was not entirely emotionless –  a strong contrast to the faces of the living models who carried them – although only capturing one “face” of the model who held it.

The dragons and snakes carried were intensely realistic as well – an homage to creators and artisans in many different industries especially those not typically affiliated with fashion – along side and in collaboration with creative director Alessandro Michele and Gucci.  

The freakish and eccentric props that make you do a “double-take” were quietly paralleling the role of the models, the clothing, the observers and the critics. One might even say the entire fashion show itself achieved this in a subtle yet mind-stimulating or – “severed head” stimulating way.

With these accessories, Gucci drew out the inner truths and the inner illusions we internally carry within us in a visual rendition based on external stimulation. An outer glimpse of the insight.