Not your average fruit bowl

Do you have a fruit bowl in your kitchen? If so, what does it say about your contemporary space? It is surprising how many exquisitely decorated, modern kitchens have nothing but a simple bowl that was pulled from the cupboard to hold their fruit on their gorgeous table or counter-top. Think you can’t showcase your delicious vitamins as a stylish centerpiece? Think again!

The Blow Up Citrus Basket by Alessi is a showstopper! This is a piece that could find itself a special place in even the most stylish rooms in any home. The basket is composed with mirror polished, stainless steel, hand-welded pieces so each one is truly unique.

About Alessi

The entire Alessi collection is unbelievably stunning and it should be with the passion and attention that goes into each piece. Humberta and Fernando Campana, brothers and partners, come from law and architectural backgrounds and are hallmarked by the way they use raw materials to create functional pieces of art. They are also well-known for experimenting with recycled matter that most other designers would find no use for.

Every home needs a fruit bowl, why not make it one that will stop guests in their tracks? To view the entire Alessi collection, visit their website.