Nordic Monochrome Minimalism for Christmas

Say goodbye to a typical holiday color palette this year. In this interior design style, the living room features a monochrome setting with ivory white, coal black, heather gray and a few splashes of light finished wood. The Christmas décor, such as the hanging stockings and candles on the fireplace mantel, also reflect this minimalist palette. Showing us that just a few selective pieces are enough.

monochrome interior design for christmas 2020 with risom lounge chair, rattan baskets, inserted fireplace and faded distressed area rug -

Some highlights of this design include a Scandinavian style lounge chair, distressed area rug, decorative rustic baskets and the uniquely painted fireplace.

To start, this modern accent chair is a classic Nordic reproduction of an original Jen Risom chair from 1941. Naturally, it comes as no surprise this would be an immediate eye-catcher. Not only does it look perfect, but it is also high-quality built. It is made of woven, heavy duty cotton straps and has a solid beech wood frame. You can find this exact chair, the Risom Lounge Chair from

The continuity of the wood finishes seen on the Risom chair frame, fireplace mantel and rattan baskets keeps this design from losing its momentum. It creates a fluid connection between the décor and furniture in the room. Sometimes monochrome palettes lack that warm, cozy feeling because of their neutral base. But this design feels inviting – which is very important for a holiday season setting. These rattan baskets can be found on

Choosing the right rug can be tricky. This area rug isn’t making or breaking the design, but it is still going noticed. Even being a simple white with a gray triangular pattern, the designer chose one in the current “faded” vintage style trend. This rug and others like it can be found on

Although our eyes might be drawn to specific objects in the room, there is no missing the hand-built, painted black and white patterned façade gracing this fireplace. This was most certainly a methodical and deliberate choice for the designer, giving the room a more contemporary appearance than simply being Nordic minimalist style. It is a centerpiece in the room, drawing the eyes towards it. You barely notice the large, flat-screen TV mounted above it.

No fireplace already built inside your home? Even if you don’t have a fireplace, you can purchase an electric recessed fireplace or a firebox insert like this designer did. This one is from

As you can see from this living room design by Holly of, Christmas décor doesn’t have to be all about reindeers, Santa clauses, and red mixed with green. It can be sophisticated and subtle, capable of blending in with the monochrome color palette and minimalist style you have already created within your home.