New “Grow On Me” Tables Feature Built-in Household Planters

New multi-functional furniture integrates planters into designs to bring your houseplants closer to your day-to-day life. After Architecture has created the “Grow On Me” table. Each tubular, cylindrical leg has a planter for your houseplant to nestle into. Aside from the ability to take your in-home gardening skills to the next level of interior design, the square tabletops are modular.

after architecture grow on me tables modular multi-purpose dining tables with pivot function and household plants
After Architecture Grow On Me Tables Built-in Leg Planters

The tabletops pivot features allows customization in a variety of different layouts. The double-use legs are thick and wide. This allows for a variety of different foliage to be planted within their spacious containers. For example, a banana plant has large, wide leaves capable of providing a natural canopy. Cacti and succulents can be planted for visual texture and unique patterns around your dining area. There are endless imaginative ways to incorporate plants into your interior design.

Not only are the Grow On Me Tables space-savers, they also have a sleek, minimalist contemporary design. The flat, square tops with chunky legs imitate both neotenic and modern styles. The acclaimed pivot feature makes it possible to incorporate your own personal preference to the look of the design, including more seating for when company arrives. It can be used as a modern and air-purifying dining table, conference table, office workspace or any other indoor furnishing you can dream up.

The Grow On Me Table by After Architecture comes in 6 bright colors and 3 different sizes.