New Cookware Collection “Kitchen by Thomas” Focuses on Plant, Herb & Grain-Based Diet

Kitchen by Thomas is a new line of cookware that emphasizes specific themes in both the design and items offered while utilizing different materials in an innovative way. The line is designed by Nicol Boyd and Tomas Rosen of Hong Kong based studio Office for Product Design.


The line is designed by Nicol Boyd and Tomas Rosen of Hong Kong based studio Office for Product Design.

The collection consists of more than 20 pieces designed for the Thomas brand of German porcelain by well-known manufacturer Rosenthal.

“While each item is designed to work on its own, they are unified into a coherent collection by common product expressions, such as shared profiles, modular footprints and the characteristic wooden batons,” said the designers.


“Aside from formal simplicity, a key aspect of the design is concerned with materiality, and great care has been taken to unite functional requirements with tactile and emotional qualities. The result is a considered combination of porcelain, glass, beech wood, stainless steel and silicone.”


Some of the pieces include traditional items such as cooking utensils like knives, salt and pepper grinders, oil and vinegar cruets, bread and cheese boards, a butter dish and a parmesan grater. Some of the more uncommon and inventive items include a mortar and pestle, a juicer, a folding trivet and the notable, self-watering herb pot.


Other items center around certain themes, such as healthy living, taste enhancement an bread related products.



The Kitchen by Thomas project is the result of a three-year exploration and is the first concerted effort to develop an original product range for the Thomas brand.