NeoCon 2021 Office and Desk Favorites Design Exhibition

This past week, October 4 – 6, NeoCon 2021 featured a selection of new and innovative furniture designs in Chicago. NeoCon has exhibited designs since 1969 becoming a world-renowned platform for progress into the future. We curated our favorites in office and desk furniture from the NeoCon 2021 show. Check them out below!

All Furniture descriptions are taken directly from NeoCon 2021 official website.

Rim Muuna Office Task Chair neocon 2021
Rim Muuna Office Task Chair



Step into your home office, take a seat and let the integrated SELF mechanism set everything up for you. You can begin working or watch another episode of your favourite TV show. That’s how simple it is.

HOWE SixE Learn Office Chair neocon 2021
HOWE SixE Learn Office Chair


SixE Learn

The SixE Learn is a flexible chair for collaborative learning environments. They move, turn and take things to the next level. Adding a string of well-thought features such as a personal work surface with storage, the SixE Learn makes room for further active experiences.

Pedrali Elinor Ergonomic Desk Task Chair neocon 2021
Pedrali Elinor Ergonomic Desk Task Chair



The executive chair Elinor incorporates the different attitudes and approaches to office life looking to the future. Comfort and body-hugging feeling, thanks to the polyurethane injected foam seat and back, are its strong points. A weight-activated synchro-tilt mechanism integrated in the upholstered seat allows the tilting to be self-regulated according to the user’s body weight, ensuring that the back is kept in the most comfortable position. A light, slimline, strong armrest in die-cast aluminium defines the base of the backrest with its flowing line.

VS America JUMPER Air Office Chair neocon 2021
VS America JUMPER Air Office Chair

VS America


JUMPER is a chair for any occasion and every generation – for every body, everywhere. This highly flexible chair is designed for active sitting anywhere – classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, offices, conference rooms, and more. The ergonomic shape and features help maintain correct back posture, while encouraging natural body movement – improving alertness, concentration, and well-being. JUMPER Air is characterized by its double-walled seat shell manufactured from recyclable polypropylene. It has a particularly ergonomic shape and supports the natural form and posture of the spine. It creates a very comfortable sitting posture, thanks to the air-cushion effect. The fine micro-perforations on the seat surface help maintain a uniform temperature, increasing the comfort of the chair – especially for longer periods of sitting. The napped structure gives the surface a good grip and creates interesting changes of color. There are five different chairs with the Air seat shell: JUMPER Air Four – Classic four-legged chair JUMPER Air Meet – Backward-flexing cantilever chair JUMPER Air Active – Forward-flexing cantilever chair JUMPER Air Move & JUMPER Air Move Plus – Swivel frame with gas spring height adjustment.

Okamura Finora Desk Chair neocon 2021
Okamura Finora Desk Chair



Finora is a high-end ergonomic task seating, designed in collaboration with Italdesign in Italy. By applying the design philosophy that is distinctive to automobiles, Finora encapsulates beauty with streamlined thinness and lightness while providing a high level of functionality for the ultimate comfort.

TOOU LTD Revo Office Chair neocon 2021
TOOU LTD Revo Office Chair


Revo Chair

Revo as revolutionary, innovative, which focuses on new paradigms and needs. Revo as revolving, which allows you to rotate, turn around in complete freedom, and to feel yourself the master of your own movement.


Gallery Desk

Modern Scandinavian design meets work from home. The Gallery desk features a sculptural, solid wood leg frame that supports a tabletop with a tapered, gallery rail surround.

KI C-Table Max Personal Worksurface neocon 2021
KI C-Table Max Personal Worksurface


C-Table Max Personal Worksurface

C-Tables offer a personal worksurface within non-traditional work or study areas. Designed to complement lounge seating, the table’s cantilevered construction and “c” shaped base nest closely to the user. A unique “comfort curve” option situates the worksurface even closer to the torso. Created with unique functionality and designer choice in mind, C-Table personal worksurfaces are available in a range of top sizes and shapes, base heights and finish options. C-Table comes in fixed height with a round worksurface. C-Table Max has a 26” or 29” fixed base or a height-adjustable base with multiple larger worksurface options to accommodate an abundance of personal belongings within arm’s reach. The angular surface shapes piece together to form instant collaboration spaces. C-Table personal worksurfaces are ideal for use with lounge chairs, loveseats, sofas, benches, daybeds, ottomans, guest chairs and more.

Spec Furniture TalkZone Personal Office and Conference Call Room neocon 2021
Spec Furniture TalkZone Personal Office and Conference Call Room

Spec Furniture

TalkZone – WORK PODS

A place to collect your thoughts, take an important call, or work on that critical project in silence – it’s all within your reach with TalkZone. Step inside to a private workstation that provides quiet space on-demand. Available with the handle on the right or left side – depending on your layout needs, TalkZone offers an area to do hard work without distraction.

DARRAN Furniture Room Divider neocon 2021
DARRAN Furniture Room Divider

DARRAN Furniture

Room Divider

Room Divider is the perfect solution for offices, restaurants, healthcare, and homes. They are not only functional but also carefully designed, with a keen eye for color and material. The color range for the collection was carefully considered to include a combination of materials paring muted tones with a vibrant burst of color. The metal frame is available in 8 powder coat finishes coordinating with interior or corporate brand standards.

You can view the official NeoCon 2021 website to see the full selection of sofas, lounge and seating designs.