Natural Rustic Accents for Your Living Environment

There are ways to bring the outdoors inside during the frugal seasons of winter and fall. If you live in an area where it’s always sunny weather, you can keep the natural beauty inside all year around.

Indoor plants work great if you have the time to keep an eye on them. Some indoor plants include bonsai trees, spider plants, indoor ivy, succulents and snake plants. Even better are indoor herbs, you can use indoor herbs from anywhere to cooking and crafting to natural medicine. Plus, they are nice to look at. Some indoor herbs include basil, parsley, thyme and cilantro.

Indoor plants and indoor herbs usually require some level of care. Watering, pruning, trimming and mild sunlight. If you aren’t home often, don’t have the time, the energy or you just don’t have a green thumb, there are other alternatives to bring nature indoors.

Dried lavender bundles, preserved cotton bolls, natural pencil cattails and birch branches. These are just a few of the many rustic accents you can hang on your wall, place on your mantle or arrange with other flowers. They won’t wilt or die on you either.

These natural home accents will pair nicely with modern vases and contemporary ceramic pottery and glassware. If you have a very scandinavian, mid-century modern or minimalist style, a few organic decorations bring new life to your living space.

They are a simple solution to adding chic and subtle bohemian, farmhouse country and rustic contemporary accents to your home.