Natural Sun Phenomena Turned Innovative Visual Art Installation

London-based Jotta studio creates a large art installation utilizing natural light and inspired by a phenomenon known as “green flash” or “green ray.”

“Green Ray” appears as the sun sets behind the horizon line. Descending, the sun gradually shifts through the varying hues of the color spectrum. As twilight approaches, there is a brief moment where the sun goes from a vibrant red-orange sunset to a light green,  before the dark blue hour of the night. The “green flash” appears suddenly due to light refraction in the atmosphere.

Green Flash Sunset Phenomena Source:

The semi-spherical sculpture is a visual art installation mimicking the rising and falling of this phenomena. It floats just above the water level and utilizes the reflection of the water to form a full circle.

The illuminated installation is powered by solar energy and changes color with the sun, creating one full cycle of the sun’s movement.