Modern Innovation: Radiant Floor Heating

Looking for a better way to heat your home during those cold winter months? An innovative heating system that is taking over many new modern home designs and can even be installed in older homes is, Radiant floor heating.

Image result for radiant heating'Radiant floor heating involves using tubing under the floors that distributes heat throughout the rooms using infrared radiation and convection. This eliminates the need for forcing or blowing air.

Image result for radiant heating' While it may cost you to install this yourself or have a company install it for you, the long term benefits will outweigh the initial hassle. Benefits include flexibility, where as the radiant heating system can run using a variety of sources including gas, oil, wood, solar and combinations of these energy sources.

According to the US department of Energy Savers website, ” It is more efficient than baseboard heating and usually more efficient than forced-air heating because no energy is lost through ducts.” Additionally, if you suffer from allergies or if you are sick there is less potential for the blown air to circulate the pollutants around the room.

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The efficiency of this type of heating is even more so due to the heat distribution over the entire surface area of the floor, thus heating the room quicker by keeping the lower half of the room at a steady temperature.


This new heating system is popping up in many of the mid century modern and contemporary homes on the market as it is an energy saving and efficient system. This could definitely up the value of your home as well! Be on the look out for other ways to make your home more valuable and of course, greener!