Modern Artist Jugal Patel Combines Iconic Figures with Abstract Black Frames Redefining Constructs’s lead writer, Alexandra Christina, dissects and reworks the biography and artist statement of Jugal Patel, gaining a first hand glimpse into the mind of a modern artist whose inspiration behind his oil paintings is a mixture of physics and artistry.

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Jugal Patel paints iconic figures, architecture and destinations like Gandhi, Muhammad Ali and the Brooklyn Bridge using oil on mixed media canvases such as linen and wood.

Eye For An Eye.jpg

The most striking feature of his work are the black frames blended into the paintings. Sometimes intertwined with the painting, other times connecting multiple paintings while others burst away from the canvas.

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The result is recognizable and familiar images demonstrating the interconnectivity of all things, as the universe is, while showcasing the drive toward expansion.


The paintings reveal the constructs embedded in our thoughts and the framework, the literal boundaries affecting our confinement and our expansion.

Left: Brooklyn Bridge. Right: Three Trees

His work aims to intrigue and inspire through simplifying complexity. “In our complex world the simplicity is often missed,” says Jugal Patel.

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Individuality and unity are the same when looking at them from a universal standpoint.


You can view more of his work, his biography and artist statement on his website Jugal Patel