Mod Men, A Peak into Mid -Century Modern Interior Design Southwestern Style

Photographer and Arizona resident Dustin Moniez has an eye for the visual arts that expands beyond his professional interests. His apartment pays homage to the retro feels and classic style associated with mid-century modern design. His modern furniture and decor is a combination of funky 1960’s and 70’s design with a Southwestern sunset color palette. 

Moniez at the Historic Motel 66

Using beige, cream and white as a base color, the simple yet eye-catching patterns have different shades of orange, lemon yellow, chocolate brown, periwinkle, seafoam and saguaro greens throughout them.

Handpainted wooden wall art from trading post – Navajo art

“I was first introduced to retro style through Urban Outfitters when I was college when they had better quality stuff. I found a love for mid century modern design from one of my favorite photographers, Stephen Shore, who used color, shape and form in his photography. His style of photography is called objective photography which I’ve tried to imitate in my own work. His photos are of interiors turning ordinary objects like refrigerators and toaster ovens into stand out pieces. Most of the ones I gravitated towards were the mid century modern and vintage looking designs,” says Moniez. 

Moniez photographing Bisti Wilderness & Badlands in New Mexico

The designs, specifically his lighting, wall art and decor, share a similarity to native indian and southwestern style with simple natural landscapes, desert themes, stripes and tribal zig-zag patterns.

Native American Pottery with Unique Mod Patterns
Mod Tea Set
Retro 7-UP Clock

Some of his favorite pieces were found while perusing in antique and vintage shops such as his bright orange Slice Chair originally designed by Paulin Pierre and his white Tulip Side Chair with burnt orange leather upholstery originally designed by Eero Saarinen.

Eero Saarinen Tulip Chair in White with Tan Leather Upholstery and Propeller Base
Pierre Paulin Orange Slice Chair

He’s beginning to browse online for stores dedicated to mid-century modern furniture and design to continue adding to his collection.