Mod Focus: Jorgen Hovelskov Harp Chair

This week’s mod focus is on the Jorgen Hovelskov Harp Chair by Danish designer, Jorgen Hovelskov. Originally named the “Viking Chair,” this unique chair was created after WWII during the “Golden Age of Danish Design.”

Jorgen Hovelskov Harp Chair

The Viking Chair, later dubbed the Harp Chair, because of its exquisite resemblance to a musical Harp, it was awarded the best design at the Copenhagen Company of Joiners, one of the highest honors in design during this period of accreditation.

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Jorgen Hovelskov Viking aka Harp Chair

The impressive rope seating and triangular base design, which is crafted from solid wood, brought an eye for organic artistry unsurpassed by nearly every furniture design at the time. In fact, this chair is so incredibly unique, very few contemporary furniture designs have been able to mimic its raw symmetry and eloquent silhouette.

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Jorgen Hovelskov Harp Chair

Fortunately for us, there are high-quality replicas of The Harp Chair still in production. Made of similar materials as the original Viking Chair, these reproductions capture the beauty of Danish design from the post-war time period when it was first created.