Mid-Year Report: Trending Furniture Designs in 2021

It’s a little past mid-year, and as many of us know –  forecasting potential furniture trends for 2021 is quite different from reporting on the latest furniture design trends in 2021. Here are the latest furniture design trends taking center stage in 2021. 

Textured Surfaces and Facades

Furniture you can see and touch! Yes, we know smooth surfaces feel great on our hands. This year, we are seeing smooth and textured surfaces making us swoon for more. From embossed wooden details and velvet tufted upholstery, to real woven cane facades and rattan surfaces, texture is all the rage in 2021 style. 

Natural Materials 

There are benefits to synthetic materials. Easier upkeep, low maintenance and affordability. In 2021, we want authenticity. Natural materials like sustainably harvested mango wood, real cane from the rattan plant and lightweight bamboo takes us back to our primal roots.

Jungalow and Bungalow 

Jungalow and bungalow style are similar in their cozy, down-to-earth design. Whether it’s the actual earthy furniture design itself, or the entirety of a room’s interior design – these comfortable, nature-loving styles are giving us a breath of fresh air. 

Arches and Circles

While straight lines and rigid silhouettes continue to be loved by many designers. With all the latest trends in 2021, it comes as no surprise arched furniture and circular design are making their way into the hearts of designers and furniture lovers alike. Rounded edges, wrap-around footrests and circular accents all break up the monotony of hard lines with touches of fluidity and curved form. 

Splayed Legs 

Plain 90 degree angle legs can make furniture appear dull. Overly ornate legs make furniture appear a tad too exaggerated. Splayed legs are a happy medium between the two different leg styles. Not only do they look better, but they create more stability and long-lasting use because they help to balance the weight of the furniture and the items contained inside!

Unique Bases 

Furniture bases in unique shapes and made of interesting materials are adding new elements of style to interior design. Transparent acrylics, lustrous gold finishes, metallic spirals and even two-toned colors on furniture legs are creating versatility and remarkable brilliance in otherwise familiar furniture designs. 

If you already have any of the furniture designs we mentioned above, you are winning! These are the hottest trends in 2021 furniture design. We predict these design trends growing in popularity into the 2022 new year.

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