Mid-Century Modern Architect Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Bathroom Collection

Fan of mid-century modern architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright? Than you’re going to absolutely love Brizo’s Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Collection! Inspired by his six principles of organic architecture and philosophy on innovative aesthetic, this collection emphasizes the mid-century modern approach to design. Human beings intrinsic connection with nature and the natural world.

Brizo's Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Collection mid-century modern bathroom design teak wood and minimalist geometric style padstyle.com
Brizo’s Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Collection

This collection reveals the natural grain patterns within the wood fixtures paired with raw metal finishes. This beautiful complementary yet contrasting blend of materials accentuates the unification of humanity with nature. The innate beauty and fundamental strength found within natures materials is shaped and sculpted by the hand of mankind.

Using Guyana Teak, a solid wood with its own unique patterns, shades and texture in every piece, it further brings forth our appreciation for the natural world. Both diverse and structured in its elemental foundation.

In a true mid-century modern fashion, the clean-cut and defined geometric lines of the bathrooms layout demonstrate the design styles symmetry. The single handle faucet with a cantilevered spout produces a unique side-stream water flow. This faucet design is a perfect example of the Wright-inspired architectural principles used throughout the collection.

More features paying homage to Wrights vision include, the single functional raincan showerhead with built-in lighting for an alluring, almost dramatic effect. Wright enjoyed experimenting with the convention and finding new ways to showcase old ideas.

Interested in seeing more? Brizo and The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation have a virtual tour to showcase this innovative mid-century modern collection. Visit brizo.com/frank-lloyd-wright/virtual-showroom.