Microsoft Mesh Virtual Reality Collaboration

Taking video conferencing to the next level, Microsoft Mesh announces a mixed virtual reality with a shared holographic experience for those in a team collaborative setting. Of course, those participating can be anywhere in the world.

Microsoft shows off its Mesh mixed-reality collaboration platform | ZDNet

Currently, video conference calls seen through a small screen such as on your laptop or phone are the present platform. This platform incorporates an immersive virtual environment where those signed have avatars able to engage and interact with holographic objects in a space. This is similar to many of the games found on Xbox and other gaming systems, like Wii.

The main difference is a virtual meeting space where those participating strap on hololens, aka a AR headset. They can conduct a variety of necessary tasks such as design sessions with the imported objects. These imported 3D objects can be rotated, scaled and manipulated within the holographic experience.

Some other features of the Microsoft Mesh program include writing on whiteboards, sketching on paper, even transforming the participants fingers into a pen to write and draw in a 3D space.

This new program takes remote collaboration into a more advanced form of conference call and it will allow more innovative production and design for those projects which have required face-to-face interaction in the past.